Indian Railways Reservation

India is an epic destination and after researching places to visit in India, intrepid travelers need to make an Indian Railways reservation. The railways are the best and cheapest way to get around India. Tracks and stations are everywhere, giving you access to even the most remote parts of the country. Indian Railways is the government-owned entity that runs the railroads throughout the country. They have over 71 thousand miles of track and transport 30 million passengers and nearly 3 million tons of freight every day. As a company, IR is one of the largest employers in the entire country of India.

Over the past several decades, tourism in India has boomed. For Americans, India is a fascinating country with a very different culture than what is seen at home. While India can still be considered somewhat “exotic,” you see fewer and fewer Indians sitting on the tops of trains. Most now ride inside, after having made their own Indian Railways reservation. Cheap flights to India have made it easier for many visitors to access this vast and densely-populated country. It pays to do your homework before leaving for any international destination, and India is no exception. There is so much to see, and getting around can be complicated, so visitors should spend more time researching India than they might in preparing for a visit to someplace like Singapore.

It is important to know in which zone you are travelling before making an Indian Railways Reservation

It is important to know in which zone you are travelling before making an Indian Railways Reservation

When it comes to making an Indian railways reservation, there are a few things travelers need to be aware of. First, Indian Railways has divided the country into 17 zones, which are each divided further into divisions. This helps with organization, and you need to be aware of which zones and divisions you are traveling to and from when you make your reservation.

Second, you need to know the class in which you will be traveling. There are nine different classes of passenger service, and trains are limited on which classes they carry. Class will, of course, have a big impact on the price you pay as well as the level of local “color” you experience. Indian Railways has an excellent website for making your Indian Railways reservation. On that site, you can get prices for any trains by city pair and class. Using that information, you can plan your trip and make reservations in advance, so all you have to do upon arrival is get to your train and enjoy the view.