Indian Railways

Indian railways is a subsidy of the Indian government that operates the majority of rail transportation in the country. The government and the Ministry of Railways in India oversees the operations of the Indian railways system. There is a total of 114,500 kilometers of railway in India with just over 7,500 stations to serve passengers. A total of 17 zones compose Indian railways. Within each zone are numerous stations that make stop in many of the top places to visit in India.

Accommodations and Station Stops

There are a number of accommodation classes when traveling with the Indian railway system. There is first class; air conditioned two and three class seating; sleeper class; seater class; unreserved, the most cheapest option; and executive class, the most expensive generally. The trains are numbered using a five-digit system, each one marking one of the 10,000 train departures per day.

A large number of goods are transported by the indian railway

A large number of goods are transported by the indian railway

Fares and Reservations

Varying in price, fares for the Indian railways system are very reasonable when compared to other country’s transportation systems. Ticket sales are accessible at railway stations across India. As of 2003, online ticket service was launched with E-tickets (online) and I-tickets, which are purchased online and sent via postal mail. Additionally, Virtual Reservation Messages (VRM) are also available for people to take a screen-shot of E-tickets on mobile devices. So it is very easy to make an Indian Railway Reservation.

Freight and Tourism

A large number of goods such as iron, chemicals and vehicles, are transported each day through the Indian railways. Nearly 30 million people along with some 3 million tons of freight material are transported each day through the Indian railway system. Independent lines and separate platforms are reserved throughout the country. Nearly three-fourths of Indian Railway’s revenue comes from freight service.

Tourism in India is also a large part of the Indian Railway system. Inexpensive and deluxe packages are available for both domestic and foreign travelers. A number of luxury trains are available as well for tourists such as the Golden Chariot and Palace on Wheels. In order to get to India to experience the Indian Railway system, you will need to book a flight. Cheap flights to India are available from various travel services. Many deals can be found through India’s direct airline service, Kingfisher Airlines.